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"I have an old (60+ years) Karastan rug. The fringes were tattered and the rug was starting to come apart where the fringes were completely missing. I took it to Ward's and they repaired it, sewed the edges (no fringe now), and cleaned it. It essentially looks like a new carpet (and more modern minus the fringe). The service was incredible; cost was great, time for service was great, and they answer messages from their web page. I highly recommend Ward's. I had my carpet restored to 'new' at a fraction of the price it would have cost me to replace it. I am grateful!"

Margot Bram

"Gary and his family provide incredible service! Their wealth of knowledge regarding these incredible pieces are beyond impressive. I did not go into Wards expecting to purchase such a amazing piece of art. Living in an old farmhouse I needed an “anchor” for a newly renovated room. Something that would bring the room to life, unite two spaces and be timeless. Having a mix of old and contemporary, the search for the “right” rug was not easy. Wards had an amazing selection, they brought the rugs to my house to see in the space and assisted in the final selection. This rug has brought life to the space. It such a calming and stunning piece we only want to spend time in that room! Definitely one of the best interior decisions of my life."

Leah Papp

"Excellent, responsive service. A wealth of knowledge and an incredible selection!"

James Deiter

"Wards is an amazing business that I would recommend to anyone. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable, very professional and above all, downright friendly. I had an old sarouk rug cleaned and repaired, and they did an wonderful job! The rug looks fantastic, I could not be more pleased with it!"

Lisa Sensinger

"First, there are the antique carpets for sale. Oh, my, oh, my! At the very least, a feast for the eyes. And at best, a wide choice of beautiful carpets of every size and description for the discerning buyer. And priced reasonably!

Second, the cleaning services they offer: we have had our carpets cleaned by Ward's for many years now. They have worked miracles with a couple of them! From our Karastans to our runners to our Nichols, they know how to best handle the cleaning and repairs. They are honest, friendly, knowledgeable and quite willing to give their time to answer all questions. Recently I brought in a runner that was burned by an iron; they removed the damaged section and reassembled the runner so well, that the cut lines aren't even visible! And the cost was minimal. I would not consider taking my carpets anywhere else."

Jean Mater

"I visited Ward’s Oriental Rug Service again today, ( not my first visit ) and was warmly greeted by the owner, Mr. Gary Ward.
I dropped off my hallway runner, a machined oriental, and was very expediently attended to by one of the knowledgeable staff who proceeded to measure my rug and take down my customer information.
A most efficient operation and a surprisingly large gallery of oriental carpets, both new and reconditioned, can be found here.
On my last visit I had my 5 x 9 oriental carpet that sits in my foyer cleaned.
I dropped it off for cleaning and paid a very reasonable fee to have them deliver the cleaned carpet to my home along with a new pad that I also purchased there.
The carpet was delivered on time as promised and it looked brand new!
This is a 30 year old rug that came out beautifully.
The two young men who delivered it also came in the house and laid the new carpet pad ( very soft and plush under foot ) and then rolled out and neatly straightened the placement of my clean like new oriental.
This was all handled very professionally by two clean cut young guys that you would not be cautious to welcome into your home.
This is very impressive in my experience in dealing with various vendors and installers as they sometimes send out some seedy looking characters who look like they just stepped out of a Steven King novel.
Anyway, I highly recommend Ward’s Oriental Rug Service and will be going there in the future for my carpet needs.
Oh and one more thing; good location and great signage to direct you to their free parking area!
Went there today to pick up my hallway runner which they did a wonderful job cleaning. I also purchased a new pad.
The price for the cleaning and new pad was most reasonable. Glad I found this place and suggest you try it out if you need a good Oriental carpet or any carpet cleaning. Thanks for a great job Ward’s!"

Lawrence E. Harbinson



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